How to distinguish the quality of the massage gun before getting it?

There is not much difference between the pressure guns on the market that cost more than 200 dollars. Most of the 20 dollars and 50 dollars have large shocks, instability, and sometimes large and small amplitudes and strengths.


1. Motor - choose a brushless motor (the performance is more stable, and it will not run out of control when the power is high)

2. Noise - the noise is equal to 50 decibels for small hands (there is no mark less than 30 in the market, and the test distance is long)

3. The battery capacity - above 800 mAh (choose 3C battery, real power), the battery should not be too small, otherwise the massage will not be in place and it will be dead

4. Voltage/current: 12v/2A (strike strength depends on the voltage, if the voltage is not enough, the strength is not enough)

5. The more gears the better, the high, medium and low gears with obvious differences are enough. Like the more than 30 gears advertised by some brands, it is not practical; the quality of entry-level film press guns is uneven, and it can only achieve basic vibration, not a real massage tool.


CROSSGUN massage gun parameters:

Model: BS300

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated current: 2A

Input parameters: 5V ---- 2A

Maximum speed: 3200r/min Battery capacity: 1500mA


1st gear muscle activation 1200 rpm

Second gear Muscle relaxation 2200 rpm

The third gear decomposes lactic acid 2600 rpm

Fourth gear deep physiotherapy 3200 rpm

1500mAh lithium batteries, 4 hours of high-speed use, long-lasting battery life



Most of the membrane-pressing guns on the market play a relaxing role, and they will not have a weight-loss effect, nor are they omnipotent. Improper use of the membrane-pressing gun will not only relieve pain, but may also stimulate blood vessels and cause muscle spasms.

Film-based guns are not medical devices, and propaganda with functions such as prevention and treatment is false propaganda and exaggerated propaganda.

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