Do you really understand the hot massage guns on the Internet?

In just two years, massage guns have become popular all over the Internet and become a recognized "relaxation artifact". It is not only suitable for the relaxation of muscles after exercise by sports and fitness people, but also for the daily relaxation of waist, back, shoulders and legs of ordinary people. Are guns really that "magical"? Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of massage guns.

How massage guns work

Massage guns were developed from deep muscle stimulators (DMS). The high-speed vibrating gun head impacts the tense body parts after body movement, and obtains a massage effect similar to the tapping technique, helping muscles and soft tissues to relax and recover. Studies have found that the resonance frequency of the muscle fascia is about 36-40 hertz (Hz), and the massage gun resonates with the fascia to relieve tension in the muscle fascia.

Although the Mini Crossgun massage gun is small, it is no less powerful. The vibration frequency of the vibration is as high as 3200 rpm, and there are 4 gears for users to adjust, allowing sports enthusiasts to buy the best quality massage gun at the lowest price. .

CROSSGUN massage gun transmission port does not require additional oil. It will not stain clothes, ensure that the friction of the transmission port does not affect the use, and the noise can also be the lowest among similar products, with strong comfort and excellent massage experience.

The body of the Crossgun massage gun is made of aviation aluminum alloy to enhance the overall texture. It is full of weight in the hand, and the pressing force during massage is greatly reduced. Drop-resistant, more drop-resistant.

The Crossgun Mini is compact and easy to store. It takes up almost the same space as a smartphone. It doesn't take up more storage space for you and lets you control your health with one hand. Various styles can meet the different visual needs of most people. Feel.

The benefits of massage guns

The human body establishes the interconnection between muscles, ligaments, and bones through the fascial structures that accompany the muscles. If the fascia is in an abnormally stretched state for a long time, an inflammatory response will occur, manifesting as symptoms of local chronic pain.

As long as the abnormal fascia is restored to its normal state, various symptoms can be greatly improved. For example, fascia that is under tension can be released through massage, physical therapy, etc.

At present, the more popular self-massage methods include the use of rollers, massage balls, massage sticks, etc., but they all require strength and certain skills. Compared to them, massage guns are much simpler and more convenient to use. .

1. Before exercising, use a massage gun to quickly impact the muscle group you want to exercise to increase the temperature and blood flow of the muscle group, which helps to achieve a rapid warm-up effect.

2. After exercising, use a massage gun, according to the principle of trigger points, to impact muscle groups after long-term exercise, which will help lactic acid metabolism and reduce muscle tension.

3. For office workers, massage guns can relieve some uncomfortable symptoms of the human body, such as neck and shoulder stiffness caused by long-term sitting at the desk, local muscle dysfunction, delayed muscle soreness after exercise, etc.

4. For the elderly, the application of the massage gun can transfer energy to the human body, forcing the human muscles to contract and relax dozens of times per second. For the elderly, it can relieve pain in the body parts such as legs and back, and improve the strength and balance of the elderly.

Disadvantages of massage guns

1. If it is improperly operated or used for a long time, it has little effect on the repair of soft tissue damage, and may also increase the fatigue of the human body.

2. The massage gun cannot hit the bones and joints, otherwise it is easy to cause damage due to excessive pressure on the bones and joints;

3. The massage gun cannot hit the superficial parts of nerves and blood vessels, otherwise it will easily cause damage;

4. The longer the massage gun is used, the better, nor the more painful the more effective it is. Prolonged use can easily cause tissue damage, edema, etc. It is recommended to use local fascia for 30-60 seconds.

The above is an introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of massage guns. As a kind of health care equipment, massage guns can be used to relax human soft tissues and relieve fatigue, but they do not have the effect of losing weight. For shoulder and neck pain, low back pain, leg pain and other symptoms, it is also possible to prevent and relieve symptoms by maintaining good work and study posture and reasonable exercise.

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